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Luxury Beauty Clinic


Luxury Beauty Clinic is a full service permanent cosmetic clinic that offers an array of advanced medical and beauty services. Each service is carefully designed to meet the individual needs of our clients and exceed their expectations by providing high-end artistry and a true luxury beauty experience.  LBC artists and advanced cosmetic technicians are certified and licensed. 

With over 15 years of combined experience, we want to eliminate the misunderstandings and negative stigmas of the permanent makeup industry. At LBC we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of techniques ranging from minimal naturalist looks to more dramatic and glamourous. Regardless of your personal preference, we know that our LBC services can change your life.  

After years of working independently honing our craft, Rita & Jordan (that's us) gravitated towards each other time and time again.  We both loved helping our clients build their confidence and self-esteem through our artistry. We both worked hard to build our reputations independently but had a common desire to bring a fresh force to the permanent makeup industry in the New Orleans area.  What started as a sketch on a piece of  paper, a business that emits a positive and supportive atmosphere for every client became a reality.  Thus, Luxury Beauty Clinic was born!



Every client will enjoy a luxurious & personal experience leaving them feeling better about themselves. 

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